Meet the people behind Evo.

We are a team of developers and designers passionate about the use of video games in early education.

Tong Kong. Producer, programmer, sound designer.

Building a brighter future means tackling important topics as early as possible. The best way to tackle nationwide problems is to find the source and design a solution. With Evo, we are creating that solution.

Dylan Abramson. Programmer, AI specialist.

"I’m Dylan, I’m from New Paltz, NY and I’m a coder with a passion for disrupting education. I was Evo’s resident AI specialist. I’m also a Web Development intern at the EdTech company Curriculum Associates, where I’ve built two internal content management systems and researched how to best align educational resources to state-level standards."

Vanessa "Toast" Tostado. Programmer, UI specialist.

"I’m Vanessa, I’m from the Bay Area and I worked as a programmer for Evo. Besides coding, I love traveling whether it be on a plane, or through a virtual world like Evo. I’m interested in leveraging technology and the power of story to bring people together."

Gabriel Drozdov. Lead artist, sound designer.

"I’m Gabriel, the lead artist (and website designer!) for Evo. Outside of my passion for video games, I am a theater maker and use performance studies as a way of understanding how people interact with technology."

Isabela "Bela" Bucciarelli. Artist, level designer.

"I’m Bela from Brazil and worked with art in Evo. As an architecture minor, I’m fascinated by how spaces can shape experiences. Other than art, I love making card games and can be found on the soccer field any day of the week."