Hands-on Learning

Evo gives kids a chance to experience science through gameplay. The game offers direct, exciting examples of educational concepts and encourages kids to learn through their own observations.

Catering to Children

We built Evo specifically for children in second grade to fifth grade. Through site visits to Macdonough, we learned how hard to make the game, what teaching strategies are most effective, and what gets kids excited to play.

Starting Off Strong

Evo is the first in a line of planned games that teach evolution. While the game focuses on the evolution of sea creatures, our next titles will cover how evolution occured on land as well as how it continues today.

One-in-three Americans doesn't believe in evolution. How do we fix this?

Building a brighter future means tackling important topics as early as possible. The best way to tackle nationwide problems is to find the source and design a solution. With Evo, we are creating that solution.

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Video games are the future of education. This is just the start.

Children are fascinated by video games. By creating digital experiences specifically for a classroom environment, we can harness this excitment in a productive way.

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This project requires a strong team. And we've got one.

Evo began as a team project at Wesleyan University and has become so much more. We've bonded over many sleepless nights, figuring out our strengths and weaknesses to turn this game from an idea into a reality.

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